Living Independence is a service provided by Mullin and Sons Ltd to create independent living for the elderly and the disabled.

Established in 1966 to provide general building services, we have also been providing home adaptations and disability equipment for the last 15 years. Our philosophy is one of specialist knowledge, client care, and, above all, service delivery that is sensitive to the needs of the elderly or the disabled.
Our clients
Social Services and Health professionals
Local Authorities
Housing Associations
Architects and private clients
Integrated Services
Needs assessment
Home adaptation design and build
Disability equipment purchase or hire
Fully equipped demonstration and assessment centre
Specialist support for Social Services and Health professionals
Creating independence in the home demands specialist knowledge and skills – something that our team has built up over many years working in this field. Whether a client needs a property to be adapted for access, safety and comfort, or whether they need specialist equipment to help with daily activities, our range of services is designed to help create independent living.